How does helium hotspot “HNT Miners” work?

Helium Hotspots are a peer-to-peer wireless network that allows low-power IoT devices to send data to and from the internet. The hotspots are powered by open-source block chain technology that can create a blanket of connectivity when connected with other nearby hotspots. The Helium Hotspot enables anyone to own and operate a wireless network for low-power Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The Helium Hotspot provides hundreds of square miles of connectivity and can transmit data at a fraction of the cost of a cellular network. What devices can use the network? Everything from tracking scooters, to soil sensors in farms, to tracking the water level of bottles in water coolers. Anyone can use LongFi, which works on existing IoT hardware, to create lots of different products.


What will it cost me to become a SOBEHUB Network hotspot host?

​The hotspot and install are completely free. To become a host, all you have to do is fill out our application here and we’ll schedule an installation appointment with you. Also, there is no fee for canceling service with Sobehouse. We will come and get the hotspot and antenna or send you a box for shipping it back. 

How long does the installation take?

​The install usually takes less than 15 minutes. Our expert installers are trained to deal with the most common issues onsite.

How big is the hotspot?

​The device is approximately the size of 3 stacked decks of playing cards (3.75”L x 2.5”h x 2.75”W).


What information will we need from you to get an install started?

We will need the name of your WIFI and the password at a minimum (for your security, none of this information will be noted or saved anywhere, we can have you type it if you are unsure about sharing). Additionally, our technician will need access to your WIFI router to set up port forwarding (enhanced security and more reliable connections).

Will I need a spot to place the antenna?

There are 2 types of antennas we offer: indoor and outdoor. The indoor antennas are the easiest to install but are not as strong as the outdoor antennas. For the outdoor antennas, our technician will need access to a roof or outside of a building and requires wiring to be run. All this is done free of charge but will require more time.


If I had an indoor antenna installed and now see the potential, can I switch to an outdoor antenna?

​Yes, you can contact us at info@Sobehouse.co and we will make arrangements for an outdoor antenna installation. (We will need consent from the landlord if you are not the owner of the building).


What does this hotspot do?

​This hotspot allows you to deploy a Long Range Wide Area (LoRaWAN) wireless connection for any LoRaWAN smart device up to 5 miles away. You are becoming a network provider for devices that need to send small amounts of data.

​Smart LoRaWAN devices are able to transmit end-to-end encrypted data across the Global IoT wireless network which you are now a part of. For providing network coverage and transmitting the data, you are rewarded Helium Network Tokens (HNT) that are redeemable for cash or can be stored in your digital wallet.


How do I earn money from my SOBEHUB hotspot?

​The hotspot you are hosting earns Helium Network Tokens (HNT) for building, securing, and providing network coverage to various smart devices. You are not only earning money — you’re contributing to building the global IoT wireless network of the future and connecting the things you care about to the digital world.

​We share with you the HNT generated by the SOBEHUB hotspot you are hosting. Funds are automatically deposited into your digital wallet. Earn extra money with our referral program -

How do I request a payment?

​Cashouts can be requested via the customer portal after 60 days of the SOBEHUB hotspot being in service. The first 30 days of connectivity are beta and unpaid. During this first month, our team is optimizing the antenna configuration and the device is syncing to the blockchain and coming online.

How much electricity does the SOBEHUB hotspot use?

​There is nearly zero cost. The Hotspot uses a small amount of power, roughly 5W at peak. This is less than a standard LED light bulb. In a city like Miami, it will cost you less than $.05 per day to run. This is an average of around $10 to $12 dollars a year.


Does this use much of my internet bandwidth?

​No. Our hotspot's are designed for low-bandwidth devices, or devices that use a very minimal amount of data. For example with over 27 placed throughout New Jersey with one of our clients they never experienced  a complaint or issue in terms of internet speeds or slowing down other devices on host's WiFi networks. On average our hotspots use as much data as any other idle smart device in your home.​​

Are there any security concerns?

​At Sobehouse we are always making sure that our devices have the best security features enabled:

Our hotspot is secured using end-to-end encryption on both hardware and software layers.

Other than the router, there is no interaction between the hotspot and other devices on your network. In other words, there is no access to your data.

An internet connection is necessary, but only for the transport of data for blockchain peer-to-peer.

Inbound ports are usually the weak link in a hotspot. We only require 1 port to be enabled in both directions and the encryption takes care of the rest.

Helium networks are constantly checked by using penetration tests on hotspots and other parts of the network.

The expected bandwidth is small and devices communicate with the Hotspot over LongFi, not IP (Internet Protocol).

The device is hardware secured to protect traffic from the 900 Mhz spectrum and only uses the FCC regulated 902-928 MHz range.

Using the helium network is not free, deterring scammers from entering and operating on this platform.

Click here for a security brief by the Helium team.

Will all hotspots need to be connected to the internet? Or is some sort of mesh/hybrid possible?

​Hotspots have to be connected to the internet in order to work. This can either be via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.


​​Is it safe, secure? Is it going to spy on me or collect my data?

Yes, the hotspot is safe, secure and will not spy on you or collect your data. The hotspots do not hold the capabilities to access any other devices on your network nor will they ever hold the ability to do so. We stand by privacy and your safety as a host.


What happens if the device quit working or goes offline?

​We have dashboards that will notify us when a device is offline. One of our representatives will contact the host of the issue and will suggest a solution. On rare occasions, one of our installers will have to schedule a visit.


Can I put multiple hotspots in the same location?

​Yes, but. Please do not add multiple miners without contacting Sobehouse first.  If you add multiple miners, you will need to have multiple locations at least 3 blocks apart or 300 meters , and there will be a separate payout for yourself and for the person who is hosting the miner in their house.


Where should the installer position my hotspot?

​This depends on your precise environment. Higher is better. That is the only constant.


Can the Hotspot be mobile?

​No. To participate in earning rewards by providing coverage a hotspot needs to prove its location to its peers. If the hotspot is mobile it cannot prove its location.